The amazing VANCOUVER!

Vancouver is one of those cities that people always rave about…. How beautiful it is, how green it is, how everyone there is so super friendly. My first experience of Vancouver last year, disappointingly, didn’t tick all of those boxes, however the last six days I just spent exploring Vancouver gave me such a great appreciation for this incredible city!

Vancouver is absolutely beautiful in the Autumn as the city is just filled with the most amazing colours everywhere you look, trees, parks, gardens. A lot of the apartment buildings in downtown look quite similar and they all have incredible rooftop gardens and greenery which brings the whole city to life. In our Airbnb apartment in Yaletown, we were overlooking an awesome second floor garden, the perfect backdrop for our morning breakfast.


We had a jam packed 6 days in Vancouver, seeing sites and looking for snow gear for our upcoming season in Whistler. We walked more steps in those 6 days then I think I’ve done in the last 6 months but it was well worth it to see the city! 

I have put together a list of highlights and recommendations below: 


Lunch at Granville Island

On our second day in the city, we decided to head off on an adventure to check It out. We walked down towards the water and managed to make our way around to Granville Bridge so decided to head over to Granville IsIand for Lunch. Granville Island is renowned for its public food market, fresh produce, bakeries and unique stores. We got a giant slice of pizza each for lunch, some amazing cakes for afternoon tea and fresh raspberries to take home.


Afternoon at Capilano Suspension Bridge

We caught the free shuttle bus from Burrard street up to Capilano. Alex and I had been to the bridge last year and were totally amazed by the experience, however this was the first time for Sam. The entry fee isn’t cheap but the incredible views and insta-worthy pictures you will capture are certainly worth it. Also, during the Christmas period there are special displays and longer opening hours with amazing twilight viewing.


Bike ride around Stanley Park

We did this when we were in Vancouver last year, but unfortunately didn’t get time for it this trip. The ride is around 8km and there are bike paths around the whole park (make sure you stick to the right). It also ticks off number 1 & 2 top trip advisor activities in Vancouver. Along the way you get to see the famous Seawall, Lions Gate Bridge and incredible views of Vancouver. Recommendation: if you are doing this activity in winter, wear gloves!


Strolling through Gastown

Gastown is Vancouver oldest neighbourhood and the historical charm of the streets are not to be missed. We took advantage of some of the amazing restaurants, heading there for lunch one day and Brunch on another day. Gastown is full of great restaurants, craft beer bars and great shopping with lots of boutiques and gift stores.

Shopping on Robson Street

Best shopping in town! Robson Street is full of loads of boutique stores and big brands as well as great restaurants. If you are looking to do a bit of shopping whilst in Vancouver, this is the place to be!

I am working on a vlog from our time in Vancouver so look out for that! 

I’ve moved up to Whistler now which is about 2 hours away from Vancouver so will definitely have more opportunities to explore the city.  

More from Whistler soon friends!

Stay groovy,


We’re off on an adventure


Howdy Hey!

I’ve been writing this blog in my head for a very long time now. I have known what I have wanted to say but every time it came to sitting down with a blank page in front of me, all the words usually buzzing around decide to go on a spontaneous picnic somewhere else in the world. I totally get that logic, I would definitely prefer to be doing that too.

This whole “writing a blog” thing really came about when I would be working on a craft project or out for brunch with my family or going on new adventures with my mates. I’d think, this is fun, I should write about this… but maybe no one would care, but maybe they will, blah blah blah (oh, shut up!).

So that brings us to now… There is no picnic today, just me, my computer and these words. I want to share with you my experiences, adventures, life, dreams, and goals. It all sounds a bit corny, however I am sure it will be an adventure all on its own and we can go on it together.

Honestly, I couldn’t have picked a better time to start, for very soon I am embarking on what is sure to be one of the most terrifying, stressful and exciting adventures of my life! I’m still young and for the most part healthy, so I quit my full time job, sold my car and booked a one way ticket to Canada and am going wherever the wind takes me. Me and my partners in crime. We’re off on an adventure!

I am very sure there will be many tears, tantrums and triumphs as we navigate a crazy life of exploring the big bad world, but I am more than ready to take this on. Excited, scared – let’s do it!

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I will enjoy telling them, read through my advice even if you don’t take it on board and listen to my ramblings, critique my terrible grammar and leave comments when you have an opinion. You are my inspiration!

Goodbye for now, real adventures to be shared shortly, but until then…Stay groovy friends!